Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 5, 2015 gps.o.s. (wow thats cheesy, sorry, i couldnt resist)

well this week was exceptionally normal. i cant actually remember most of what we did, and i dont have tons of time anyways, so this will be short.

first of all i got bitten by a dog this week... ok, well technically. we had gone into the sisters area to give a blessing, took a bus to get home, but it was the wrong bus so we ended up kinda lost (no thats not what inspired the name of the email) so we got off, orientated ourselves (or rather elder V orientated ourselves)and started walking back. but as we were walking , we walk past these dogs in the street, not big dogs, like shisus in one color (yeah im not well versed in my dog breeds) and as i walk past, the smallest one comes up and bites my calf, ok tried to bite my calf, it didnt rip my pants, scratch me, or even hurt, but i can still say i got bit by a dog. i just turned around and stared it down and it ran away like the little pansy dog tthat it is... dumb dog.

other that that, we had intercambios again. i was with elder M again, which was not a problem, but we were in my area. which was. yeah, remember that thing where i was awful with directions, yeah thats still a thing. luckily we had a map, so we managed to make it around fine without getting to disoriented. im not really used to leading (though i am a master at following from in front, dont ask how that works, i still dont know) so once or twice we would be walking down a street and started thinking, "where  are we going? i have never seen this street before... oh thats right, im leading, stink. but i managed to make it through and we had some awesome lessons, so all is good.

well thats it for this week, take care, be good, love you guys

elder gandola

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