Sunday, January 25, 2015

Janauary 19, 2015 Missionary by day, false idol by night

hello all of you

well this week started out pretty great, after writing you guys last week, we went and visited the mercada, which turns out is like a shopping mall of wood and leather. kinda like a flea market but more mexican... so basically a flea market. Anyways, Ii bought a nacho libro mask, so i guess im a real mexican now.

we had a missionary return last week from paraguay, and he is the bomba punto se o emme. we worked with him a decent amount this week (he hasn’t found a job yet, so he has nothing else to do) we went on splits with him and the second counselor. i was with the ex-missionero (that’s what they’re called here, which I’m not a fan of, because ex always to have a negative connotation) for just over an hour, he was a bit rusty on his matehuala so, yup you guessed it, we got lost. but we found it, so todo bien, no?

we have been doing good this week as we have been finding a bunch of people that seem really apt to progress, we have been focusing on challenging everybody to baptism in the first lesson, and everybody is pretty receptive. our only problem is that nobody is going to church. with all the companionships the whole time I’ve been here, that seems to be the big challenge in this area.

this week we also found our first family to teach, it was a reference from another companionship. we went and started teaching the parents and their three kids (all 18 and older) just kinda wandered in and started listening as well. it was kinda weird to see, a whole family of adults gathered around listening intently to the words of two jóvenes like us. but such is the work of the Lord. they even accepted to say the closing prayer, which was good, except for the fact that they seemed to be praying to us (opened in the name of our heavenly father and said things like "and thank you guys for coming to teach us) so what do you know, im a false idol now.

yeah that’s it for this week, oh wait no one more thing. mom remember how you told me not to climb any roofs, well i did. we felt like we should go visit these old people a bit early, and we found them outside of their house trying to pick the lock because they had left the keys inside when they went to the doctor. so i scaled their wall and jumped down into their courtyard to let them in. see mom? my talent is useful. i helped old people. sick old people. I’m like batman... mexican batman... i guess that’s just zorro...I’m like zorro

there now that’s all.

Elder Z

("elder 2?" "no, it’s a z." "but that is what my daughter learned in school is the number 2." "it’s a z... for zorro." "oh, zorro? thank you zorro" "...that is more like it!" will get my reference)

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