Monday, February 2, 2015

January 26, 2015 Man vs. Wild: Mexico

well hello once again.

this week was super normal, and I’m short on time, so I will tell 2 things.

1. we had intercambios again this week, it was pretty normal, we did get lost but it wasn’t in my area so it wasn’t my fault. but we got to discussing nacho libre. it’s actually pretty popular here, i thought it might be offensive because its making fun of them, but they just think it’s making fun of priests. all the mexicans think that us americans think that mexico is like nacho libre before coming here. well, i didn’t, but now i do. The more time i spend here the more i am convinced that it is not a comedy, but a documentary. I’ll just leave it at that.

2. we had our first service project this week. we went to help a lady clean out her field by her house. we thought it was gunna be small stuff, so we just brought two ho´s and a shovel. nope. Apparently nature knew we were coming and prepared. There were a bunch of what elder velazco called montes. basically bushes made up of small trees and covered in death spikes. we were very inadequately equipped for the job. (and i mean we used one small machete and pickaxes) yeah it was hard work, yeah there were some casualties (primarily all of my limbs) but nature was unaware that it was about to face a hardened veteran of nature’s death squad commonly known as the Rocklin Creek Crew. sure i didnt have my usual equipment, but compared to clearing out the jungles of Rocklin, hip deep in water, while battling super beavers and the remnant of the vietkong... this was kid stuff. after all, rambo without a weapon is still rambo...or rocky...or ... i dunno, im not well verssed in sylvester stalone movies, but you get the metaphor. but no, in all reality it was good to get out and work again.

thats all for this week, i have no more to say. the work is still progressing and we have a lot of potential... the potential just isn’t attending church right now.

well ok, now that’s it, do good, live the gospel, share the gospel (no really, share it) love you guys,

elder gandola

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