Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 31, 2015 Churros are Kosher

hey guys,

so this week was a little different, we worked normally until wednesday, when we had a 3-zone wide health conference. basically we all got together and they taught us the, "10 commandments of health." it was pretty basic stuff like drink safe water and take baths and stuff like that, but the guy was a good speaker and made it fun, and it’s always nice to do something a little bit different. also none of the commandments said anything directly against 1 peso churros, so i won’t complain.

guess the stake and the doctor must have been on the same wavelength, because we had stake conference this week too, so saturday and sunday we got to go listen to stuff that was really more directed at the members than at us, but it was still good, especially to see how we as missionaries can help the area progress in their specific needs right now. its super cool to be here right now, because (the church in) mexico is really starting to make progress and is on the verge on becoming completely self-sufficient as a country, which means that it will be providing all of the funds necessary to cover its own needs, and the church will be able to use the excess to help other countries where the church is not quite as well established.

the work this week was a bit tough, didn’t find a whole bunch of people, but we could definitely see that the lord is guiding the work. we didn’t really plan on having anybody at church, because they were all busy and such, but at 11:30 saturday night, we received a text from unknown number asking us what time church started. we didn’t see it till the morning, and explained the stake conference and all that, but still didn’t know who it was or if they were coming. so we stuck around after the first session hoping and waiting to see if anybody showed up, they didn’t. well we didn’t have money for a taxi, so we started walking home, and about half an hour later we got a text from another compañonship telling us that an investigator we hadn’t been able to visit that week showed up with her boyfriend. so that was pretty cool.

the person of the week this week is actually not an investigator, or at least not a current investigator. so in the health conference we got to talk with the elders in matehuala about my old area. i don’t know if you guys remember, but i had a convert there, A, a young man who was baptized and wants to serve a mission. well he is currently living in monterrey. he lives like 3 blocks from the temple. he goes there almost every day. but he is not the person of the week. we also started teaching his dad, also A, who is one of my favorite investigators, but who stopped progressing for a situation he was in. we he has since managed to change that situation and has accepted a baptismal date, I’m so happy for him.

anyways, that’s it for now, love you guys, be good.

Elder Gándola

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