Sunday, September 27, 2015

sept 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

so this week was pretty normal, so i don’t really have too much to write about. but i guess there’s a couple things i could comment on.

elder M, not my companion but from the other elders in my district had an in-gown toenail that got infected and so he couldn’t walk or anything, so they stayed home, but we passed by to give him a blessing, and he he can work now.

well actually this week was a bit different because in these past two weeks we have started having more progress. this past transfer has been hard at times because, even though we are working well, we have hardly had anything. but these past two weeks we have seen progress in everything. first of all we have found some super ready new investigators, which is something we have really needed recently, we also had some people in church, only one investigator, but a lot of less actives too. we always have the occasional less active that shows up, but some of the people we have really been working with in these last weeks came for the first time, so it was great to see them refocusing themselves on what is important. so it just goes to show that when we do our part, the lord will do his. it’s not us that gets to determine how or when, but it is our efforts that determines whether or not we will permit that the lord can do his part (at least right now.  we can’t stop the lords work, we can only postpone it and decide if we are the ones to do it. i say it’s better that we do our part so that it’s us and not somebody else.

anyways, person of the week goes to R (sr) and R (jr) and E.  elder M and elder C contacted R (sr) during exchanges, and we visited them sunday.  when we got there they were working, they make uniforms, but they said that we could come in for a couple minutes while they iron the stuff. they never got to ironing because we started teaching them. I’ve gotten very good at sneakily slipping lessons in with people. (i did the same with another woman, we visited her and her husband in their shop, he started telling us that it’s too hard to find time between customers to be able to talk, and he was so busy saying that to my companion and a member, that he didn’t even notice that i got a full lesson in with his wife before he knew what happened) but anyways, they are Catholics, but for tradition and have never really heard anything else, but they just ate everything we gave to them (not literally) and accepted baptism. you know it always kinda surprises me when people accept so easily, but when we have the spirit it happens again and again. but we will see what happens with them, we both think they will progress rapidly

anyways, that’s it for this week. love you, be good.

elder Gándola

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