Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 1, 2016 Rat Soup

well this week was pretty good, and pretty eventful

first of all we got another companionship in our district, which is good because the zone leaders have to leave a lot and so at least we will have somebody else there. but this week in addition to them we had a combined district meeting with another district, and president and his wife came and visited us too, so there was lots of people there... that probably doesn’t actually mean anything to you guys... but it was interesting nonetheless.

after that it was pretty normal, until friday. friday we had to travel to go give a baptismal interview in a little pueblo called c. the interview went all right, but afterwards the third best thing of my week happened... i found a store that sells A&W root beer! i was so happy i bought everybody a free round, and two for me. now i know where to buy it, i just have to take an hour long bus ride to find it.

that night was pretty interesting too, they came back with us and we had a sleep over, which is ironically named because sleep overs usually involve very little sleeping, ours involved none. we actually have to be prepared to travel again at 1:00 am at the church, so with four missionaries, and no gas, we stayed up all night getting ready (and also drinking root beer)

you are probably wondering why we had to travel at 1:00 in the morning (or maybe you aren’t wondering that because you read my letters) but anyways, it’s because for the second time in less than a year we had an apostle come to visit us. Elder Renlund, accompanied by bishop cause, presiding bishop of the church, held a devotional specifically for our mission, but he held it in the area of another mission (he didn’t even speak to them).

it was really cool, we learned a lot about real conversion, and a lot about how to help our investigators, but that would probably be boring to you, so I’ll just share something that i learned about praying with real intent. we basically shouldn’t pray that god does our work for us. we should pray so that we can receive guidance and strength to do our responsibility and our part in receiving the blessings we are asking for (see David A. Bednars 2008 General Conference talk ask in faith)

coming back from the conference was interesting because our bus broke down so we sat around for like 2 hours waiting, but we made it back in time for interesting thing number 3, baptism.

we had a lesson sunday with an investigator who has a long time investigating, but he finally committed to baptism, so we had a baptismal service saturday. we weren’t there most of saturday to organize everything and we couldn’t announce it sunday, but we worked hard during the week and managed to have a lot of people there.

ironically, sunday a lot of people weren’t there for the confirmation, mostly he wasn’t there. his mom was hospitalized in zacatecas early that morning, so he had to go, but next week well make sure that it happens.

other than that i had a food adventure on sunday, we went to visit a less active and she had made a soup with rat and snake... so we ate it! rat tastes like chicken and rattlesnake tastes kinda like fish... only more poisonous (but the poison is boiled out, it’s not fatal, obviously... nacho libre style high five to whoever gets that reference) oh and the rat is field rat, not house rat, don’t worry about it, i would never eat anything gross. oh and also i found a place that sells cow brain tacos, so i might eat them this week.

well that’s... a lot. love you guys, be good,


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