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January 25, 2016 Footless Footie Pajamas

January 25, 2016  Footless Footie Pajamas

hello everybody,

this week was awesome, one of the best that i have had in the mission. last week was ok, but we both felt like we could have done better and had more, so we recommitted ourselves and worked our tails off and practically doubled everything we had last week. i think i already mentioned that the culture here could use some changing, in that normally the missionaries don’t get as much done here as in other parts of the mission. but anyways most areas here are struggling to have 20 lessons in a week, we managed to get up to 37.

this week i learned a lot about the lords promises, mostly from teaching people about them. our ward is small. well, its big, but the attendance is small (to give you an idea we got a congratulations from the area presidency a couple of weeks ago for having an assistance of 76) and while the majority have testimonies, there is a lack of conversion. but anyways, we, with the bishop, have decided that now is the time to change that, so we have been working with all the members to strengthen their conversion. it’s interesting to see that lots of the time we think we have other stuff that keeps us from doing what we should, but i really liked what a sister said this week, she said, "i go to church for convenience. it convenient to have the blessings of the lord in my week, therefore it is convenient to go to church" basically, being obedient is the most convenient thig we can do.

other fun stuff that happened this week. there’s a sister in the ward who told us that she would make us pajamas if we bought the cloth. i actually have a burning hatred for entering fabric stores, but i braved it, and i am now the proud owner of new dinosaur footie pajamas (but without the feet)

that’s basically all im going to write you, so be good, love you guys,

elder gandola

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