Sunday, January 10, 2016

November 2, 2015 Orange Flowers

well this week was interesting, which one of the very (i won’t say apostate but i guess unspiritual would do it) holidays will i start with. well let’s just go in chronological order.

Wednesday, Saint Judas day. so for those of you not familiar with catholic beliefs (maybe it’s just Mexican catholic I’m not really sure) they have a lot of saints that help get their prayers to god(something along those lines but I’m not really sure so don’t take my word as 100% accurate), but one of the main ones is saint judas, so there is a church of saint judas super close to our house and so they celebrated it on wednesday. it was interesting to see because a bunch of people brought in carnival rides (only big enough for small children) and games and stuff. it’s funny though because I’m positive that not all of the vendors were from the church, i know because a member of our church took advantage of the celebration to sell food (but it was good food she gave us some for free) not gunna lie i always like catholic celebrations because they always have really cool tribalish dances. we walked past them a couple times in the day (during heavy sun and heavy rain) and there were the same people doing the same dance all day long, i was impressed.

saturday, Halloween. mh it was kinda lame to be honest. in the u.s. a witch hat or chucky mask or painted face with completely normal clothes doesn’t pass off as a costume (people do it but there are good costumes too) and there are only a couple houses that give candy. oh well.

sunday, day of the dead part 1. fun fact there are two day of the deads, one to honor the deceased children and another for the adults. they all go to cemetery and make offerings of food and flowers to their ancestors. it was funny because all of them bring orange flowers. now i understand why orange flowers were considered a death threat in Shakespeare’s day. because apparently that’s still what you bring to the dead.

other things that happened this week. 1. we passed by the house of the other elders to get their results for the week because we don’t have a phone. they had a bunch of bamboo poles so i asked them why. they weren’t bamboo. turns out that sugar cane is in season, so they gave us some. i like eating sugar cane....

also, we were planning one night and there was a bunch of teenagers sitting in front of our house laughing and being vulgar and all that, so we were wondering how we could get them to go away. guess how? yup you guessed it we went out there and kicked in their little faces... no we didn’t (though we totally could have) we did something even better. we blasted the mormon tabernacle choir. they didn’t even make it through two songs which is really a lame because the sopranos really kill it at the end of come come ye saints. oh well at least i enjoyed it.

well i don’t really have a lot of time, so I’m gunna call it there for this week

love you guys be good,

elder gandola

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