Sunday, January 31, 2016

January, 18, 2016


this week was good, but i don’t really remember what we did... so i guess I’ll just share some basic stuff.

​1. we had an interesting trip to valparaiso this week. usually we go and come back in 1 day, but it takes a lot of time in the bus, so we decided to go and stay for 2 days and just sleep in the house that the elders still rent there. that would have been a good idea, had it not been for the fact that we forgot our area book in fresnillo two and a half hours away. we don’t actually know the area there very well, so we couldn’t plan for the next day, and we had to come home the next morning. in the night we found out that the light had not been paid, so we got to make do with candles, but at least there was still hot water.

2. we managed to get a lot of service in this week, service is great. the biggest project we had was we got to paint a lady’s house, it was a good thing that they accepted our offer, because they had no idea what they were doing, but it turned our pretty well, well... at least it turned out a lot better than it was before (before and after pictures below.) but the best part is the effect it had on their family. it was cool to see the difference in their attitudes when we started and finished. their family has a number of problems, which i won’t go into, but for a number of reasons there is a lack of unity in the family. but even though they started out not working  together very well, by the end they were all laughing and playing around and looked more like a family. service is awesome, go do more of it.

and to finish, person of the week, them.   their son came to church too.

that’s all for now, be good, love you guys

elder gandola

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