Sunday, January 10, 2016

November 30, 2015 Thanksgiving Sandwich Part II

so this week was busy, i guess. first of all, it was good because it is now after thanksgiving, so i have been listening to the christmas music every morning that i got in my package. i like christmas music.

speaking of thanksgiving, it’s not really a thing here. not really sure why, i mean why wouldn’t the mexicans want to celebrate  the day that we started populating the united states... i guess maybe once we figure out what day lehi landed we can start having a mexican thanksgiving.  but this year was a little bit better than last, though i still celebrated with a sandwich. this time our last visit sent us off with tortas (not for thanksgiving, just because everybody loves us) and as we were eating them i realized, "hey, i think this is turkey" so there you go, thanksgiving turkey.

this week i also made another claim to my claim as dog whisperer (or dog terrorist, they´re more or less interchangeable) we went to visit a contact that we did and when we got there and knocked on the door, the door opened... but just enough to let out two angry hell hounds, foam spewing from the mouth. ok so maybe they weren’t hell hounds, they may have been chihuahuas... but they were still barking, and angry. luckily i am always prepared for situations like this, so i pulled out my powerade bottle and sprayed them both with water. they actually calmed down and started licking up the water from the ground, then let us pet them. so we knocked again and the woman came out and let us in.

the other exciting thing that just happened is that the church released another christmas initiative. you should all go and visit to see the video a savior has born. it’s a really good, easy, unthreatening way to share the gospel in the christmas season. everybody knows that christ is the reason for christmas, but the invitation that we are sharing is, "discover why." i would highly encourage you to share it on social media and with friends in person (and mom you should post it on my facebook.)

last of all, person of the week. m. a contact we did about three months ago but haven’t been able to find. but as we were passing by her house we felt like we should visit her. she was there and very interested. the has some health problems and isn’t able to see well enough to read, so i thought of something that i hadn’t ever thought of before (because that is actually a very common problem here) and so we went and bought her a magnifying glass to be able to read.

well that’s all for now, be good, love you guys.

elder gandola

ps ponderize scripture this week was mathew 5:7-10

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