Sunday, January 10, 2016

November 9, 2015 I’m going to purposely refrain from including a witty title with this one

so this week was interesting, I’ll start with the second half of the week.

we had a zone conference, pretty basic zone conference, but i got my gummies!!! oh and my contacts too, but mostly the gummies. the package got here all right, so thanks for that. and our new phone got here, so we have a phone again

but other than that the week was pretty normal, until Thursday when the other elders in our district passed by to let us know that the stake president had just died. he was killed in a car accident on the freeway. it was really sudden because he was in our ward on sunday.  i didn’t really know him to well, but we rented our house from him, so we spoke every once in a while for that..

its always kind of an eye opening experience when something like this happens, it seems like he was spiritually prepared when the time came, and it kinda reminds you that you never know exactly when "the end" is, so endure to the end could be interpreted, "endure always."

there was a lot of people there at the funeral services, their stake center was filled to overflowing. it makes me think, that’s what i want my funeral to be like.

sunday they let us know like 2 minutes before that we had the talks. so i kind of managed to peg some of these thoughts together, (probably a lot better than i did here) with some scriptures and stuff too.

so basically that’s it for now, just, endure always i guess

be good, love you guys

elder gandola

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