Sunday, January 10, 2016

December 28, 2015 Goals for New Year

well this is gunna be short because i just talked to most of you.

just a quick thought.

new years is this week, and with new years  comes new year’s goals (i forgot what they are called in english) we usually put goals and drop them within a month, that is for lack of commitment and planning. i would invite you all to include these in your goals.

also, i would like you to put missionary goals for this year. the church membership is currently 15,372,337. imagine how wonderful it would be if each member had the goal of just 1 baptism this year, the results would be incredible. now I’m not telling you what your goals should be, nor if it should be with nonmembers or less actives, or anything else, nor how many the goal should be, that is between you and the lord, but i do invite you to prayerfully put missionary goals for this year. i don’t think that this short email will reach and affect all those members, but for those of you who do see it, i hope it affects your actions in this next year.

that is all

elder gandola

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