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Dec 14, 2015

Dec 7, 2015
what the heck, why does lucas look tall?

Dec 14, 2015   

hey guys,

well i guess I’m a bum for not writing you guys last week. i actually just managed to forget somehow. i read all the emails and just thought, "hmm, guess i finished with my emailing business for this week." ...oh well.

only really remember one thing from last week. i canceled the zone leaders lunch appointment. our lunch thursday couldn’t make it, so the relief society was going to work something out, and wednesday they did, they called and told us who we would eat with somebody. but thursday morning somebody else called us to verify that we would eat with her. i wasn’t exactly sure who it was, so i told her we would check. we did and it wasn’t with her so we told her not to worry about it. then we got a call from the zone leaders, "hello? who is this? elder gandola? oh... why did you cancel our lunch?" still not sure, but I think the sister has us as "the elders" in her phone when we aren’t in her ward, but... oh well.

this week the most interesting thing that happened was saturday and sunday. the tiajuana temple was just finished, so we got to watch the cultural event and dedication. elder uchtdorf and oaks came down to visit us. things i learned/remembered from the dedication. temples are awesome.

no but seriously all of you people out there who don’t have area restrictions, when was the last time you went to the temple? why has it been that long? i would invite you all to take time as soon as possible to go visit the temple. if you can only do baptisms, go do baptisms. if you aren’t a member or cant enter right now, just go and visit the beautiful temple grounds (even more so decorated for christmas.) to ponder and think and just sit. whatever you do, i invite you to make a temple visit part of your holiday activities. i promise you won’t regret it.

last of all, person of the week. L. she is actually somebody that i have never taught, she was an investigator that the other elders in our ward had, who was baptized this past week. she progressed rapidly from the start and actually got baptized before the normal  5 sundays required, by her own request. my only involvement with her was that i contacted her. i just found her, but it’s great to see the little things that we can do that make big differences in the lives of others, even without our further involvement.

anyways that’s it for this week, love you all, be good,

elder gandola

ps about the skype call. I’ll call you on the 25th. not sure when, but mom, send me your information again just in case.

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