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November  23,2015    Hot Glue

well this week was.. interesting i think, i don’t really remember it.

but one thing i do remember is that we got to travel this week. our visa was expired and so we had to travel down to Aguascalientes to give fingerprints and all that good stuff to not be illegal anymore.

it was kinda cool to see the elders that i arrived with again, it was the first time I’ve seen elder win like 6 months too, so that was cool. we all got to talking about the mtc experience, which is weird to think was more than a year ago, but also good to remember fun memories. but i was kinda thinking, the mtc is a good way to start the mission, partly to learn what we need to, but it also gives the new elders a place to kinda unload all the stupid things that they may otherwise be immature enough to pull in the field were they sent straight there. (i think it would be better if the young men were just mature enough to not do dumb things, but i think it’s probably one of the many reasons that the lord was wise enough to give us the mtc.)

you can kinda tell when you have some time in the mission because all of the sudden all of you clothes decide to malfunction at the same time. this week the big problem was one of my shoe soles has a big hole in the heel and is basically hollow. I’m pretty proud of my fix. i bought a hot glue gun and just completely filled the sole with hot glue. i guess we’ll see if it holds but if not i have a lot more hot glue sticks.
side note: i like hot glue guns better in spanish, the literal translation into english would be something along the lines of, "silicon weapon."

anyways to finish up i guess I’ll go back to the long forgotten person of the week. this week, v. she is a reference of her cousin. she is a catholic and has been very active her whole life but has stopped going for a while because of complications with divorce and moving states and all that jazz. but she is very receptive and actually reads and goes to church and all that good stuff. (we leave her assignments and come back and she tells us "sorry i didn’t read too much, it’s just that i finished the assignment, and then i liked it a lot and so i read it a couple more times, and then i went back and read the other stuff you guys had left me, and so i didn’t really have time to read very much new material" ... yeah that’s fine) the only thing that is impeding her progression right now is receiving an answer, but she has felt and recognized the spirit very distinctly in a few occasions, so if she keeps on working, we aren’t too worried about it.

well that’s all for now, love you guys be good

elder Gàndola

ps. ponderize scripture this last week was D&C 20:37. doesn’t overly apply to non-missionaries, but it helps us focus on how to truly prepare people for the covenant of baptism

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