Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Januray 11, 2016 Wheel Chair Tune Up

hello all,

so this week was crazy. not sure if it went by fast or slow, but thus is the mission life.

it started off well enough, i got to the house and saw the most beautiful thing, about 6 pounds of american candy. the elder before me just finished his mission, but his parents had sent him pounds of the good stuff. and then to top it off i got another 4 pounds in my christmas package that arrived, this is like Halloween level amounts. so it’s possible that satan is making an assault on my teeth, but I’m happy.

the area has not been very well taken care of, and has had kind of a bad reputation for not progressing. but working here i can see that all of that is just culture, they hear it enough that they believe it. but i decided early on that i don’t want to follow that culture.s o we worked ourselves hard in this week and have seen awesome results. the only bad part about this area is the weather. it’s very... microwave burrito, frozen solid on the outside and boiling lava hot on the outside. there is a lot of sun, so it’s hot, but there is always a freezing breeze, so it always cold... both at the same time. but thus is the mexico life.

but anyways, we started working with the members, serving them in any way possible. we found a lot of opportunities and it really helped us gain their trust, especially the bishop. he is young and has about a month as bishop, but he is great. so we started working with him and helping him with his plans for the ward, and we could see a lot of progress in just one week.

the interesting thing about our area is that it is actually 2 areas. one got closed down and we took it over. the fun part is that the second area is about two and a half hours out of the city, a little pueblo called valparaiso. so we get to travel by bus every week, squeeze in what we can, and come back to take care of fresnillo.

this week we went and met up with an investigator in valparaiso who is in a wheelchair. it was bent out of shape, so he couldn’t go to church, but we saw that he had two more, also messed up, but with good parts. so we got to work and i think we must have replaced every part of that wheelchair, but he ended up with a pretty sweet ride. funny enough, i already knew how to do it, turns out longboards and wheelchairs are built basically the same. the whole time i was thinking, "all right, here are the ball bearings, we need to find a spacer, and.. oh wait! i almost forgot the speed rings!" ...yeah,good times.

then later this week we got some exciting news. for the second time in less than 10 months, an apostle is coming to visit us. the 30th of january, elder renlund is coming to visit. president viareal says that this kind of thing is virtually impossible. especially since we will all be traveling out of the mission to see him. he will be in the mission queretaro, but he is only going to speak to us. not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s exciting.

last but not least, person of the week. the familia B. they are a family that had received a few visits before i got here, but we have taught them twice. we had some super cool lessons with them, and they helped us complete a goal that my companion had. the 6th here is the day of the wise men. and everybody celebrated by eating this large bread called rosca de reyes. my companion had never tried it (i did last year) and really wanted to, but it’s expensive. so we finished the lesson, ad left. we got half way down the street when we heard somebody shouting at us, we turn around and the investigator was running after us to invite us to share their rosca... it’s a wisemen day miracle! but anyways, four of them came to church this week, and they all felt really great.

anyways, that’s all folks. be good, love you guys.

elder gandola

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