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Dec 22, 2014 Come on, Vamamos!

To whom it may concern, (and those that it doesn’t concern but are reading this anyways)

Usually it’s hard to write letters because all my weeks are the same and i can’t remember what we did. (but then I do remember and end up writing a novel) but anyways, this week I don’t have that problem.

monday. p-day, usually those are pretty easy. when you were just in the (expensive) hospital and have neither money nor food, they are less easy. oh, and we had to buy gifts for a zone gift exchange. but it worked out, because i happened to have a random extra 1000 pesos in my bank account. (i think it was baggage reimbursements.) so we used that, bought some ties as gifts (i had a sister before, one that i had never talked to, but the sisters got exchanges so i ended up with an elder... much less scary) and food for the both of us and ended up with about 400 pesos, which was just the amount that we needed to travel to san luis on wednesday for a christmas lunch with president and like half the mission. perfect! ...not perfect, at about 6 we got a call that we needed to go to aguascalientes for my green card... thats a lot more than 400 pesos. but we had faith and went out on adventure, just like dora (dora here is used to teach kids english) we even left singing the theme song. i was all ready for someone to try to steal my wallet so i could use swiper no swiping, but no such luck. but anyways, we get to the bus station with elder w and his companion, and it turns out that that day elder w was taking out some personal funds, and for some reason he felt the need to take out 3000 pesos (thats just under 300 dollars) we ended up using all of it, so good thing for revelation. we stopped and slept in san luis.

tuesday. we went down to aguascalientes, got our green cards, ate some pizza, and came back to san luis... that was it, but it took all day, so its still worth telling about.

wednesday. we had the lunch with president and lots of other missionaries, tamales, orchata ...other food, i was happy. then we had a gift exchange with everyone. we didn’t actually have our gifts and so we just gave some junk from a package from elder w and gave our real gifts later. i got this wooden top thing that you use a string with and is a lot cooler than i just made it sound, had my name etched into it and stuff to, so i was happy. more traveling, slept in my bed.

thursday. thursday was crazy! ... ok it was normal, sue me.

friday we had all of the zone and district meetings that we missed that week, we all voted and we get to watch frozen for christmas (in english, because the songs are better. then that night we had a branch activity with both branches. there was lots of skits and stuff, i almost even got to act again. i didnt, but almost. the missionaries did a skit, and they had one too little roles, so i got to watch instead... fun stuff. no but it was actually pretty funny, a bit apostate sure (we had santa and the voice of the spirit of christmas and stuff) but hey, it was better than the rest of the things. we had two girls perform a slightly choreographed dance to a random pitbull song (which i think means ive been out long enough to not recognize popular music!) and we had a nativity skit, that was actually fine... until they decided to end it by singing el peses en el rio... then  it was apostacy. but hey, it was fun, and we had real dinner too, so im not complaining.

saturday. saturday was great. i am feeling completely normal again... elder v isn’t. his throat was hurting and inflamed so we went down to the doctor that morning. i still didn’t have my reimbursements and i didnt have access to my personal funds, so it was a good thing that i had an extra 20 dollar bill that i could exchange for pesos. he took some antibiotics and felt better, still not completely recovered, but better. then we got to go to a baptism. oh yeah, i got to do it! i don’t know if it really counts, she was only 8 (it was actually the little girl who taped the paper to the wall) but we had to teach her all the lessons and stuff (though we kinda skipped over chastity.) so i'll take it. oh yeah, mom, i didnt forget an extra pair of underwear like shawn... but i did forget a towel, so lucas, remember to bring a towel.)

sunday. got up early and wrote a talk in an hour and gave it in sacrament meeting, it went alright, not amazing, but not bad. this tusday we have an activity for christmas, so after church a bunch of members in the ward went and we tracked a whole neighborhood inviting them. i went on splits for that with a boy, F, from the branch. he's a boss. danielle, you can add him to my list, you can marry him. he has a pretty good english accent too. then we went back to the church and practiced some Christmas hymns for the activity. i got to put my limited musical knowledge to use and help people with parts. the men turned out to be pretty seless so i kinda just let them do there thing, but F could sing pretty good bass with me, so needless to say.

yup that was my week. umm, yeah. so merry christmas (christx for dad) and stuff

elder gandola 

ps. family, for christmas, all i want is for you to make people write me.  the only other thing i wanted was sour gummi worms, and even though your package has not come, elder w said that if he had them in his that i could have them... he had them in his.

Skyping with Micah at Christmas 2014

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