Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 8, 2014 Expiration Date

greetings all,

well, i have a good mission story from this week... turns out that mission stories are more fun after the fact.

so monday was great, normal pday, bought a cool tie (things here are so cheap, it was less than 4 dollars! and it was from an actual departments store not just some guy on the street.)

 tuesday was ok for the most part, but i didnt feel super great, my stomach kinda hurt and i felt a bit light headed, i had to sit down and drink some water every once in a while. by the end of the day, it was bad enough that i went home, puked a couple times and went to bed. 

wednesday and thursday we mostly just stayed home in bed, i couldnt eat much and i discovered a new meaning to the word diarrhea. i just wanted to stay home and let it run its course, but elder v dragged me around to a bunch of different doctors, and got completely different diagnosis and medicine. 

friday was better, we went out to a zone conference, and once i was on my feet i could work more that day, we still went home a bit early, but we bought some chicken and vegetables and elder v made me some soup. at this point i could eat, but not very much.

saturday i dont really remember what we did, only that we walked a lot and it wasnt for visits. then that night at like 11 elder v was talking on the phone with some people, he came over and told me we were going to the hospital.

so we go to the hospital and get a check up and they want me to stay there that night, so they gave me some stuff, hooked me up to an iv, (which, along with the other like 4 shots i got, more than made up for the shot that i narrowly avoided last week) and left me alone to sleep in one of those awful hospital robes. i slept for like an hour but then the iv hurt, so i just kinda laid there hating my arm until they decided i was done.

they did a blood test and turns out it was salmonella, i had used bad milk in my cereal tuesday morning and got salmonella, fun stuff. but anyways, they gave me medicine to take, and i honestly feel a lot better yesterday and today. my stomach doenst hurt and i can eat much more. the only problem is that im kinda tired from the meds. also i cant eat any lactose, picante, grease, or things with lots of condiments for 15 day... i feel like joses.

but anyways thats my week, but i feel better now, and the problem wasnt even anything to do with being in mexico, so no need to worry. and besides, i´ve already been hospitalized, theres no way that i can get any more sick than that within the next 2 years right? (knock on wood(and i actually just knocked on wood because thats the same thing that i wrote in my journal after  the first day when I felt better after puking, but i forgot to knock on wood, and look what happened))

this letter wasnt very entertaining, and it didnt really have any spiritual stuff, so i guess i´ll end with a scripture joke (that i take full credit for)

if laman and lemuel lived in the ocean, what creature would they be?
        (i apologize for the 5 seconds of youre life that i wasted with that joke)

well, talk to you next week, be good, dont eat raw eggs.

-elder gandola

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