Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 15, 2014 Gunshots/ I’m a criminal

to start off, i would just like to let you all know that salmonella is a stupid disease. nobody loves it. not even its mother. (which is actually accurate, because satan doesnt love anything) now before you guys get all worried about me dying again, dont worry im fine... but i want food.
I cannot eat anything. no thank you, i do not want another bowl of bland vegetable chicken soup, i would like that nice piece of fried meat that everybody else is eating... the doctor said no grease or lactose, or picante, or soda for 15 days. in the us that wouldnt be a big deal. in mexico that basically means i can eat nothing. at this point i feel fine too, normal, but i still can’t eat real foods. ok so I have kinda been slacking off at times, I’m not quite as careful now. (i ate a churro and felt fine) this is the first time in my mission that i have felt homesick. no, not for you guys (no offense) but for the food. i would thoroughly enjoy a little ceasars deep dish pizza right now. (also, shawn, if you have not been back to in-n-out yet, whats wrong with you? go there today) but this week i have added a new item to my bucket list, before i die i want a redwall style feast (for those of you who are uncultured you can replace redwall with hogwarts.)
no but in all reality i feel great, the work was a bit slow the beginning of this week because i was still recovering a bit, not any pain or anything, just really tired. we have been using an awesome tool for contacting, the church video "he is the gift." you have probably all seen it, and you may have heard all the stuff the church has been doing with it, but it really is a great tool for missionary work. if you havent already, share it on your facebook pages, and even share it individually with your friends or coworkers, its a very unobtrusive way to share your faith and invite others to accept our message.
speaking of christmas, catholics are crazy. here everybody is catholic, which means that catholics can basically do whatever the heck it is that they want. right now (the whole month of december) they want to idol-worship the virgin mary all over the city in the dance of the virgin. every night, they all go out to different areas and have these big tribal dances and festivals. sometimes they are in the form of a parade, while others they just kinda dance in the middle of the street. they have these big tribal drums and tap shoes/sandals and at about  6 or 7 you start hearing all these different celebrations going on all over. my worst part of the whole thing are the "gunshots." all over the city you hear random gunshots as part of the celebration. turns out its not actually gunshots, they just don’t get the point of fireworks, they shoot them up in the air and they just kinda explode and are really loud with no cool light display. (i only recently figured that out though, for a while i thought that we needed to send obama down here to have a serious chat with their president about some gun control laws) not gunna lie it was kinda cool at first, but after the first couple days it gets kinda old when you are walking down the street and there is a gunshot behind you every 3 minutes, so if i come home with ptsd, now you know why...
remember how you told me to stay out of trouble, well i guess im not a great listener, actually im technically a criminal. i was given 30 days from november 10th to get my green card before im illlegal, and i still haven’t heard anything about it, i was supposed to have gone down and picked it up, but they still haven’t told us anything. so if you see my face on any wanted poster, now you know why.
anyways, this week we have been finding random people through long confusing processes (wrong directions and such) and it has led me to a thought. during youth conference one year, i remembered a lesson that i had about the book of mormon, and how you could open it and point and read and have a great experience, so i decided to try it. i opened pointed, and read... and it had nothing to do with me, at first i was disappointed, but then i realized that i still felt the spirit. i discovered that the reason that that works is not always because the lord guides you to open to the exact page you need, but because all of it is the word of god. im starting to feel that that may be the case here with finding people. sure there are times when we are directly led to people, but im thinking that many times it doesn’t really matter because everyone needs the gospel. but im not to worried about it, i don’t need to be. i heard a quote in the mtc "the lord more easily directions moving feet" as long as i am working and have faith in the lord, he will do the rest
thats it for now, be good love you (family

elder gandola

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