Saturday, May 9, 2015

April 13, 2015 Anakins (the chosen ones)

how’s it going

well I´ll just start by saying that the past three weeks have been rough. no i didn’t have salmonella, no i still haven’t gotten mugged (i know right, how lame is that?) but we have had little to no progression. more specifically we have had little to no lessons, we haven’t worked with the members, and the people weren’t doing what they needed to. the worst part is that it’s not our fault. we have been working together well, planning well, setting more appointments, etc. but everything just kinda seemed to fall through.

however, i am happy to report that this week has been different. we have still not had an excess of lessons, but have had about normal, which in contrast was great. and even better is the success that we have had finding people and teaching people by the spirit. we have been focusing a ton on focusing on commitments and helping the people cumplir with them (can’t remember what the word is in english) and it has been working miracles. this sunday we had 6 investigators at church, which for here is a ton. i shall tell you about them.

the first one is named ______, she has two kids ______ and _____ (they all went) we contacted them this week searching for a reference and they invited us in. she is catholic but thinks that a lot of things they do are wrong, but she doesn’t really see the need to change (but she is gaining a testimony). she has a lot of trials right now, her husband died 3 years ago and her older son (who was 12 at the time) is a bit rebellious. however he still listens and has even met with the zone leaders alone at their other house. the youngest is a rockstar, he is always the first one to accept commitments, and when we invited them to church, while the others were all thinking about what to say, he instantly responded, "i want to go!"

the next is _____, he is a kid of 17 years  (that comes out weird in english)  who we found because he was working in the shop of his grandfather, who we were teaching at the time. we hadn’t found him for like a month after that, when he showed  up at church about a month ago, because a young woman invited him (yeah we thought of that too, turns out that flirt to convert is good for getting guys to church, but really awkward in lessons) but anyways we started teaching him again. he is very smart, so we have been working on applying it to him intellectually, especially with the history of the church and the book of mormon. he texted us this morning telling us that he knows that its true.

the last is ______ and his son (11 years). we contacted him in his beer shop (not really a bar, just sells beer) because he was out front. he doesn’t drink, and has since left it and works as an ice cream man but we are teaching him and his son. they learn slowly but are great.

other than that we have a regular who was out of town. he attended 4 times before we realized that he wasnt one of the hermanas investigators. he lives like an hour away but still comes down every week. why? because he is a boss.

well i don’t have too much time, but that’s it for now. if you would like to include anyone in your prayers this week,  we have a, i,and u. thanks.

anyways, be good. love you.


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