Saturday, May 9, 2015

April 27, 2015


this week was great. first of all we saw a bunch of progress in a youth that we are teaching. he has recently received a clear answer of the truth of the church, and this week decided by himself to go on a mission. he explained his process to us. at first he was atheist, and not very happy with life. we started teaching him and he faked enthusiasm, but he thought we were crazy. but we kept persisting and he saw that we and the members were actually happy, and then he started thinking, "well why do they care so much, they don’t win anything if i read and pray, why would they be so persistent unless there was a chance of it being true. so he did the stuff,  he read and prayed and went to church, and like people will always receive with real intent, he got his answer. he will be baptized on the 9th.

we ended the week with a baptism, not ours but the guy is so great and has changed so much that we were as excited as if it were ours. my comp got to baptize him and he wanted me to confirm him but president didn’t know so he did it. again he wasn’t ours so i can’t really explain his whole story to  you but he is the bestest.

then saturday we were told that my and elder w’s companions would be training, so they traveled down to aguas and me and elder w (yes he was mean mom) were comps again. since our companions are training, we got transfers, so here i am in aguascalientes, jesus maria 2. me and my new companion are opening the area, and before it was the area of the assistants, so  we should have an interesting week finding our way around and finding all the people. good thing is that our area is the area of the mission  offices, so i will get all my packages without a month delay. you know, all those packages that you guys have sent me...

but anyways don’t have much time, but take care, love you guys.


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