Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 4, 2015 may the cuarto be with you

May 4, 2015
may the cuarto be with you

sup peeps,

so this week was interesting, first because of the whole opening an area thing, and second, because this area is basically the opposite of my first area. matehuala was a small town with a few people, aguas is huge, our area is impossible to walk across (though we ended up doing it a couple times because we got lost.) but basically we have to take public transportation everywhere. there are taxis and buses but what we use most are the combes (i think its pronounces for you guys like comb-bees) which are basically just big (tnt berry style) vans that you get rides in.

our area is way different too, we have the super-rich privadas that make you guys all look poor, we have the average old suburbs (though a bit mexicanized) and we have an area that is pretty poor. (still safe, our whole mission is),  the people are a lot less open. right now we are living with the secretaries right now, elder g and elder h, so our house is super duper fresa (strawberry or fancy, pick your favorite) and you might even think that we were loaded, except for the fact that we are all dead broke, and with all the transportation cost we managed to burn through our personal money and emergency fund, but it’s all reimbursable and we just got our  mensualidad so todo bien.

the work is good but still  bit slow. for the first five days we only had one lesson every day, but these last few days we have had like 5, so we are starting to get the hang of it. the assistants left us with 2 people preparing for baptism, so this saturday we have an 8 year old girl l, and the next week we will have the wife of a menos active, both of them are great.

well that’s it for now, but if i left anything out i can fill you in on sunday, still don’t know when we will call, but i will try so shoot for later. like 6 or 7 here (4 or 5 california time). yup, peace out.

eler gandola

ps oh yeah, be good, os amo

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