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May 25, 2015 Secret Agents

greetings again,
so lucky for you guys i actually remember some stuff from this week. because this week was different.

so we were in a gated community, and we went to visit somebody, when all of the sudden a guard pulls up on his bike (you know, bikes aren’t very intimidating) and tells us to hit the road. so we go up to the front to see what’s up. so when we enter, we always have to give them our id´s and the address we will go visit. so they were upset because we gave them an address, but went and visited multiple people. we didn’t know beforehand that that was a problem, so we explained our situation, what we do, and offered multiple solutions, but they just told us, "nope, until here, no more, you guys can’t come back." i was mad, we weren’t even aware of a problem until then, but there was nothing to do, so we left, even though we had appointments with  our recent baptism and with our only baptismal date in there.

so we called them to cancel the appointments, but they were all, "not in my gated community," so they came and picked us up and told the guards that we were coming in,  they let us in as long as we give them all the directions. but anyways, we can enter now, but they always follow us now "in secret"

but yeah, well now i guess i will just have to one up you guys. danielle told me that you guys had a stake conference with a 70. well we had 2 at our stake conference. oh yeah we are also having a meeting with just the missionaries in this are with another 70, elder Arnold. oh yeah also this past tuesday we had an all mission meeting with another 70, elder piper. Oh wait, he was accompanied by another guy, (wait for iiiit).... Elder Bednar. yup, we got to meet with an apostle. you may be thinking the same thing i thought when i heard he was coming, "i didn’t know that Elder Bednar spoke spanish." ...well he doesn’t, he just used a translator

 he started out by telling a story  (that i have heard somewhere but don’t remember where) about a woman who always cut off the end of the ham before cooking it. when asked why by her husband she said she didn’t know but that it was how her mother had done it. so she asked her mother who responded in a similar manner, so she asked her grandmother and discovered that when they were first married that her grandparents had not had a pan large enough for the ham.

he explained that many things we do, especially in the church are silly, and that the only reason we do them is because that’s the culture. one of the things we do is our notes, we note down a history of the meeting, and then later we never use them and can’t even find them. that we shouldn’t do that, but that we should take notes of spiritual impressions that we receive and it will serve us much better.

then he told us that he would not be giving a talk, but that he would be asking and answering questions. another one of those ham cutting traditions is playing a game called guess what’s in my head, and that we ask questions that are ineffective because they are just asking people to do just that. so all of the questions where not meant with a specific answer. so we basically just had a chat with elder Bednar and our whole mission.

what i learned most was the ability that we have to be agents (secret agents, like Bourne, ok maybe not). we have agency, which doesn’t mean we just get to choose, it means we get to act, and that we should cause things to happen. so when we want something, we should not be an object, and pray for God to make it all better, we should ask for help and then do our best to do it ourselves. Nephi didn’t ask for God to get him out, he asked for strength so that he could burst the bands.

so i don’t really know what you guys need right now, but go ask God for his support, and go do it.

signing off,

double-o gandola

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