Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 8, 2015 I like to Move it, move it


we actually basically didn’t work this week, we weren’t sick or anything (or in jail for kidnapping), we were just working on other stuff. so the secretaries landlord wanted to raise there already high rent, which wasn’t gunna fly, so we got to find  a new house and move everything over there.

fun fact, moving is hard without a car. especially when you are the secretaries, who need a house fitted to hold 12 elders, and is packed with junk that the old guys leave behind when they head home. so basically we spent the whole week taking stuff apart and moving it over .  we ended up finding a member with a truck

the first day of the week, all the zone leaders were coming to stay with us, so we moved all the beds that day. they all got there at the same time we finished, so they all had  to help us put them together. they didn’t actually know how to do it though, because they didn’t  take them apart, so we had to go around and fix them all when they were done.

friday we had divisions, and i went over to the zone elders area, and i was thinking that finally i will get to work normal again. first thing we did was go do service. we helped a woman lower down a big wooden bed frame down from a third story roof with ropes.... i have a curse.

we didn’t have any extra space, so we had to bring the washing machine to the assistants. we went to pick up the keys, but the assistants were out with president, so when we got there, president invited us to go eat hot chocolate with him. he had chocolate tamales brought out for us to try, and he asked us if we would like him to order more, ap 1 "no, I’m good" ap 2 "no, I’m good" secretary goff "nope I’m good" me "...yup" lesson i have learned in the mission, if people offer you things, they usually actually mean it. also, if you are a junior companion at lunch with president and his wife and the assistants and a secretary ...then you are allowed to take advantage of the situation. it was a good tamale.

but we got it all done, so... yeah. like i said we don't really have a lot of lessons this week, but we had good ones. we went to visit the recent convert that we just baptized and her family, and we brought the restoration video to watch. they started it in english on accident and so i started translating as a joke, but turns out that they lost the remote, so they couldn’t actually change the language, so i just translated all of it. i think that makes up for last weeks spanish jahaja

today we had transfers, i got sent to san luis potosi in the city this time as senior companion. my comp is elder P, he has like 6 months in the mission, and we have already gone over the explaining new companions thing.

well, that’s real all i have for this week. take care, be good, love you guys.

elder gandola

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