Monday, July 13, 2015

July 6, 2015 4th of July

hey guys,

i'll make this quick.

so me and elder p. are getting along. the area is good, but it’s always a bit hard the first week of opening an area. but elder p. has served in the other area of our ward before, so he knows the area a little bit. the area book was super well kept, so we spent a couple hours this week organizing it, and today we spent a couple hours cleaning the house, but now we should be able to work better.

i didn’t have to capacitate this week, because we had a zone meeting this week, but i will have our first district meeting tomorrow. i already kinda knew the guys in my district because we saw them every sunday, so I’m not really worried.

4th of july we were planning to celebrate with hamburgers, but fast sunday changed our plans, so we celebrated today instead with kraft mac and cheese and root beer. (i aM SOOO HAPPY TO HAVE ROOT BEER AGAIN... IT’S BEEN 9 MONTHS, BUT WE FINALLY FOUND WHERE THEY SELL IT. OH WO I’M USING CAPS LOCK, I WASNT EVEN LOOKING AT THE SCREEN UNTIL I FINISHED THAT SENTANCE)

spiritual message for this week, prioritize your stuff, there is lots of time for lots of stuff, but get the important stuff out of the way and you will end up being able to more other stuff done anyways.

anyways, take care, be good, love you

elder gandola

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