Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015 Dog Training and Space Weapons

so this week was good, a little interesting though.

so i guess I’ll just start out by saying that dogs and missionaries are just mortal enemies... or good friends, lucky for us that so far all the big dogs seem to be our friends. the small dogs... not so much.

so in our house we live in this super tiny gated community, and to get to it we always pass by this little tiny dog in front of his house. he really can’t do anything to us but if he was bigger he would totally dismember us, but as the situation is he just kinda contents himself with following barking like a madman. we have tried to  scare it away by pretending to charge it and stuff, but it just gets madder.

so i think tuesday we walk past the dog, and we were carrying our umbrellas, because the rain hits in the summer here, and as we were about to get to this house, elder p. asks me, "wanna see something funny?" "...yes." so as we pass elder p. just points his umbrella at it and opens it. let’s just say that it’s a good thing that dogs don’t wear pants, because he would have had to change them. the best way he can describe his reaction is "BARK BARK BARK DIE DIE DIE BARK BARK BAR- OH MY GOSH SPACE WEAPONS!" but yeah, after a couple space weapon attacks (only when he barks) he doesn’t mess with us anymore. he just stares at us with hate, or he takes a lap around the block to avoid us, but anyways, I’m pretty sure that I’m qualified as a dog trainer now.

as district leader i had my plate full  this week, with planning the district meeting tuesday, and then intercambios thursday, and then a baptismal interview friday. but all went well, and i have a good district. i actually like being a leader, not really because i want extra responsibilities and stuff like that nor ordering people around, but because it seems that you receive more revelation when it is to help other people, fun stuff.

but we had some interesting lessons this week too. The one that tops the rest was with a random contact that we did. we passed by and he wasn’t there, but his mom was, so we started teaching her, with her husband kinda listening in, when all of the sudden he tells us, "i'm gunna leave, i have a meeting with my pastor, but i just want to tell you that Mormon isn’t a prophet, he’s not in the bible, i want you to find him in the bible, actually you can’t, cause he isn’t there." it seemed obvious that he didn’t really want an answer, so we just kinda let him rant for a minute, leave, and then we came back to our lesson.  but then, just as we are finishing up, he comes back in, but with his pastor. at first we were thinking "oh no" but we finished the lesson, turned to them and asked what question he had. the pastor was actually great, he just asked what we did as missionaries, so we explained, then the guy brought up his Mormon question again, and we just explained really calmly about the book of mormon, bearing our testimonies the whole way through. the pastor accepted our answer, and so then the guy did too. the pastor actually accepted a book of mormon and said he would like to hear ore of or message.

i guess through all this, and other stuff this week, I  kinda learned to trust in God a bit more. we don’t have the whole perspective, and there are many things that we could not work out for ourselves, but if we just trust that he is in control and do our part, that we end up way better than we would on our own.

anyways that’s it for this week. take care all. love you guys, be good.

elder gandola

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