Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 29, 2015 Special Transfers

well, this week was interesting.

so first of all, we had to stop teaching a bunch of people this week. we realized that our teaching pool was just too big, and that many of them realistically were not going to progress, especially many who had had a lot of time in teaching. lots of times satan doesn’t try to attack us by making us do bad things, it’s just kinda more effective to make them not do good things. either way they aren’t progressing, and its easier to just tell them to delay the good stuff until tomorrow. i suppose there’s a lesson there for all of us.

but then we got  some interesting news  sunday night, that’s right (for those of you who read the title) we had special transfers (not sure if that’s how they say it in english or not) but at like 10 at night they called us and told us that we had transfers the next day. at first we thought it was a joke but nope, it was real, fun stuff.but it was kinda a bummer. elder p and i get along well and have been working good together. i think of all my companions he is the one i have played around with the most.

but anyways he was super worried because he is staying there, but as señor companion (wow...that’s even incorrect in spanish... meh, I’ll leave it). he says that if he is senior companion right now that he will be district leader sooner. well, if my experience is anything to base it on, he’s right. actually, he should be district leader in about three weeks. yup, i got put as district leader. the ironic thing is that i didn’t really move. i got put in the other ward that meets in the same church building, though it is a different district for each ward, but they are tiny, 2 companionships each. actually i just switched places with the other guy that was in this area before, now he is in my old area. my new comp is elder P. he is the first companion i have had that 1. is american, and 2. i knew beforehand. he was in my first area for one transfer, and then was my zone leader in aguas for 2 weeks. he actually heads home halfway through the next transfer, so it looks like more special transfers are in my future.

well, that it for now, but should be interesting, guess we’ll see what happens.

well be good, love you

elder gandola

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