Monday, August 10, 2015

July 20, 2015

greetings friends family and possibly enemies.

so this week was kinda interesting i guess.  the week itself was pretty normal, we looked for a lot of people and nobody was there, but we had some unusual lessons and such.

so first of all we found a now investigator, a woman who lives with her husband and 2 kids. she was super great, but her son made the lesson very interesting.  he is a 3 year old who came out at the beginning of our lesson, he was talking a lot and trying to show his mom everything that he was doing on his phone and such, but hey kids are always distracting. but then his mom told us that he has adhd and problems with anger and such, which soon became very apparent. so after a bit he wanted the phone, he wanted specific things on the phone (which weren’t there) and when it didn’t work he started screaming and crying. so we ended up waiting for this kid for like 20 minutes.  most of the stuff he did was completely illogical. "i want cookies!"  "ok here are some cookies" so he took them and just threw them on the floor. "mom they fell down, pick them up" "no, i didn’t throw them on the floor" "... you did it" eventually she went to pick them up but he just screamed and tried to stop her.  he basically did that with everything down to juice, and then he got mad when she was handing him stuff because he physically "couldn’t walk" to go get them and a lot of stuff like that. but eventually he calmed down and we have another appointment for when he is in daycare, but i think she will progress.

this week was the last week of transfers, but we already knew we were going to stay the same, but probably receive a third elder. elder P goes home in two weeks, so it wouldn’t make sense to send him anywhere else for only two weeks. but guess what? we did have transfers. elder P got sent to his old area with his old companion and another elder for the last 2 weeks, so all the changes don’t really make a ton of sense but bueno. i received an almost new missionary, he is halfway done with his training, so i get to finish training him this transfer. Technically president has told me all of my transfers so far then, except for the special transfers that he didn’t know about before. because he told me that i would train this next transfer. the bad thing about this is that i missed all the good parts of training. 1. i don’t get the buffet breakfast that everyone gets when they go to get their trainees. 2. we don’t get to mess with him because he already kinda knows how stuff is. 3. i can’t tell people, "this is my beloved son, hear him." the most that i can do is "this is my adopted son, hear him... if you want to" doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

anyways, he calls himself elder M, he is tall, he is mexican, and he can’t walk too fast right now because he cut his foot open last monday with a machete while he was trying to cut grass. so we will probably go to the hospital today or tomorrow so that they can take the stitches out.

but yeah that was my week, that’s it for now. love you guys, be good.

elder gandola

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