Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 10, 2015

miracle monday (and tuesday, and wednesday, and... some other days)

so this week was pretty cool. the thing about mission weeks is they all seem pretty normal, but when you look back on them you can see all the blessings.

so the first miracle i had this week almost made it into the last letter, so monday we left a bit late and we had an appointment that we needed to get to, but i had forgotten our map... and their address. but i knew that we did not have time to go back for those things. so i just kinda had an idea of where it was, didn’t say anything to my comp, said a prayer and started walking. a couple streets later i suddenly remembered exactly where it was, down to their obscure street name, and we didn’t miss a single street getting there. elder M even commented, "wow, you have a good memory." it wasn’t my memory.

miracle tue(sday): so in monday night planning, we saw that we had an appointment with E. only one problem... who´s E? but we felt like we should keep it there anyways. so we went through the day and were praying to be able to find him,.and we eventually remembered... nothing. nope nothing, i had no idea. well, let’s go work. so we were going to our other appointments, when we felt like we should go to try to find a reference, we had passed by before, but they were never there. so we go over when all the sudden, "...hey elder" "yeah?" "you remember when we contacted that guy who lives next door the last time and put an appointment with him, but didn’t write down his name?" "yeah" "...i know who E is." so we found him. but he wasn’t there. but his mom was. she has been inactive for over thirty years.

miracle three (sunday): so last week for fast sunday i fasted that we could have people in sacrament meeting, just 1 person. in 6 weeks we have had a grand total of... 0 people there. we received a promise from president that if we study the doctrine of the lessons for half an hour every day, that half of the investigators in sacrament meeting would baptize. awesome promise... but half of 0 is 0. so this week we worked hard and we were waiting for 7 people , guess how many we had? we had (drum roll please) ...0. yup, nobody. then in the second hour we were called into the bishops office, there was a man there (who had sat next to me in sacrament meeting) who had apparently been baptized 15 years ago, but was never confirmed, he lives right outside of our limit, but attends here, so we will most likely still teach him. so we couldn’t count him this week, but at least we had somebody there, just that 1.

long moral short, there are three things we need to see miracles, or receive guidance in our lives. 
1. ask 2. be worthy (that includes in our desire) 3. do our part.  that last one is key, God more easily directions moving feet. want something? get moving

that’s all for this week, be good, love you.

elder gandola

ps. we had a miracle on wednesday too. i found a woman who sells churros for 1 peso each. that’s 15 for a dollar. i may have bought ten, because the miracle of churros is the greatest miracle of all.

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