Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 3, 2015

well, this week was kinda interesting. it went by super-fast because we didn’t really have many "normal" working days.

so the thing about being a leader is you have to do divisions more, you have to do them  with all of those in your district, (preferably twice so you can do it with each companion) and you have to do it with your leaders as well. so we planned on having them with elder M and elder G thursday to friday, and then the zone leaders called us and told us we would have them with them tuesday to wednesday. so i guess with pday and church the only day that elder M and i worked normally and a full day was saturday.

so remember how i said that my old  companion elder C was our zone leader? well he came to work with me, it was really nice, because of all the companions that i have had, our teaching styles fit really well together. we had a couple good lessons, it was also good to get some input by somebody with a bit more experience on some of the administrative stuff of a district, i was kinda thinking, "well this is good to know, but i don’t really think i will ever need to apply it." well i had to apply a good amount of it pretty soon afterwards, so good timing there.

then the next day with elder G we didn’t really have too many lessons., but i got to know him a bit more, he is a bit quiet, so i didn’t know him too well, but he is a good missionary, and really smart. when he was at home he played in chess tournaments and won and stuff, he thoroughly handed it to me that night when we had the chance to play.

church was good, but a bit different. the teacher of the first principles class and the president of elders quorum (two young semi-recently returned missionaries) just got married. they were on their honeymoon and i was thinking in sacrament meeting "hmm, wonder whos gunna teach the classes today." quick answer, it was me. in both they came up to me and asked, hey can you teach the class? yeah, ok well then you have the time right now. ...ok.  they actually turned out really well and i had to cut one short to finish in time. something that i have learned this week is that sometimes we can do super legit stuff, like teach both classes on the spot, but if we started thinking about how good we are and how great we do, we can’t do super legit stuff anymore. for example i know that i had the lords help in those classes. if i had had a week’s notice and had thought, "psshh preparing is for losers" then i don’t think i could have done it on the spot, but if we are humble, and do what we can, then the lord will help us.
moral: i am a super humble person, probably more humble than anyone i know.
(ok that’s not actually it, its trust in the lord.)

but anyways that’s all for now, love you guys, be good

elder gandola

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