Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov 1, 2014 Red Headed Step-companion

Greetings all!
Thanks for the package though, it was nice to get some stuff, tell sierra thanks for the picture, i have it hanging in my room. funny story about Shawn and the firecrackers, tell him jajaja for me. 

There was a lot of change that happened this week. First of all, Sunday during church we had the mtc president in our branch, and our branch president (President Sanchez) and his first counselor (Brother Bahr) were released. We got a new branch president (President Swanson) and new first counselor (brother... some other guy)

second, Elder C left our district to go join an advanced district coming in. He had taken five years of Spanish in school and was very brainy anyways, so he was way above our level and wasn't learning much. he knew a lot about a lot of things (especially trees, he worked in a nursery and went to national gardening competitions and stuff, you could point to any tree and he could tell you what it was, along with how old it was,  what its life story was, etc. think briant with pokemon) and was very quick to let you know what he knew, especially when it was because you said something that was to some degree wrong. i learned a lot from him, and not from his fun facts, but because he annoyed me at first. Eventually I learned to get over it and by the end I was sad to see him and his politically fun facts leave us (he's still just down the hall, so he didn't really leave by much though.

With elder C leaving, came a companion-less elder, which is why I am now in a trio. Elder M is now companions with Elder W and I. He's a cool guy, red head (pelirojo) pretty quiet, which coupled with the fact that Elder C was very talkative and knew lots of Spanish means that he really didn't get a lot of opportunity to teach. Elder W and I ) are working on getting him to talk more during the lessons.

Not much is different here in the mtc, but we have been teaching a lot of people. Hermana F is acting as Fabiola, a girl she knew in her mission.  Hermano H is edger, a really hard investigator he knew from Nicaragua. and we have been doing lots of TRC (not sure exactly what that stands for but it stands for something) there are two types of TRC, we have a progressing investigator, which is pretty normal, and then we have member lessons. This week we just started doing the member lessons on skype, so we were able to teach a member that actually lives in our mission.

All in all, life at the MTC is better than ever. We are working more effectively, progressing in Spanish, and all getting along very well. Fun fact, for about the first three weeks, me and Elder W really didn't like each other. It wasn't either of our fault, we were both doing fine on our own, but we just couldn't get along. We have both been working hard on it though, having open companionship inventories, and by now he is a good friend. I always knew that he was my companion for a reason, and if think that’s probably the most important thing that I have learned in the MTC, charity. I’m still not super great at it, but i am definitely getting better at loving those that I normally wouldn't.

Well that’s it for now, forgot my camera in my classroom, but I might be able to send pictures in a bit, maybe not. Well, love you all, be good.

-Elder Gándola

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