Monday, November 24, 2014

October 15, 2014

ok first off, why do I have no emails (danielle you were right, i do like getting letters)? its only my second week here and you guys have already forgot about me? that's weak sauce, lucky for you, you get another try. we have been living off the main campus over at wyview (it used to be byu married housing, but they turned it into a temporary mtc extension for a little bit) and they are moving us back to main campus today, our new p-day is saturday, so write to me by saturday.

week two went by so fast. everyone told us that one you got to the first sunday time flies by, and they were right. at the same time though, it feels like i (from this point on, dont expect me to capitalize my i's, gmail doesnt have auto correct, and i cant be bothered with shift buttons) have lived my whole life here. time in large doesnt make sense as a missionary (especially weekdays, sundays are the same as any other day)

lots of stuff has been happening, its kinda hard to remember what happened this week, i can remember all the things, but i just don't know what weeks they happened in... and its only week two haha.

we have been learning lots of spanish, i'm enjoying it and doing well. we just started learning how to teach lessons too, which is a bit intimidating at first, but really great. we have been practice teaching a lot, with an "investigator" named A. he is mid twenties, college student, nice guy, very open to learning about the church.

then friday he came in to our class, none of us were expecting him or had lessons prepared, so we all started freaking out, because we had to scramble a lesson together in a couple minutes, when we noticed he was wearing a white shirt, tie, and a nametag. we knew he was a member, but it turns ot that he was going to be our teacher from that point on

his name is hermano H, and he is awesome. apparently he is some sort of legend around the mtc, and i can see why, i would go so far as to say that he gives brother Constantine a run for his money, hes that good.

 for his first lesson, he took us out to the park, leaned two chairs up against each other, stuck his cellphone inside a tree stump, and told that our new missionary purpose was to convince him (as a random stranger) to crawl under the chairs and go get the cellphone for free. took us a little bit to get how to do it, we couldnt just tell him to do it, we would look crazy. we had to get to know him, get to know his needs, and help him trust us and understand why he needs to do what we say. we eventually did it, and then he applied it to missionary work, and told us that everything we needed to know about being a missionary we could learn from that example.

we have had some other cool lessons and devotionals (joseph smith, study journals, using the church media) but they arent as easily sharable. 

ummm... i think thats basically it for now, email me by saturday, and i'll email you back. thanks for all your prayers, love you guys

-elder gándola

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