Monday, November 24, 2014

October 25, 2014 everyone always has creative titles for their letters but i cant think of anything so just pretend this time

Family! (and anyone else who sees this letter),

Writing letters is hard, its not like I lack time or anything, but I honestly can´t remember when anything happened, it all kinda melds together (espescially since sunday is the same as any other day) anyways, i´ll give it my best shot.

we'll i'm finally starting to adjust to main campus. the first week was weird because everything was so much smaller. at wyview our apartments and classrooms were full sized apartments (yes we basically had class in a house) with separate rooms and bathrooms and fridges and stuff, but here at main campus the rooms and classrooms are way smaller, but i´m pretty adjusted to it at this point. the food is better here on main campus though, there"s more variety (fun fact, mtc food is a form of mission prep, it goes down fine, but coming out it does a number on your digestive system)

i have seen a few people that i know here, kalani (didnt get a picture with him though), jonathan E., justin and wesley from fresno (funny story about wesley in just a sec) and i saw devin from 5th ward in passing.

so this week, on tuesday i think it was, i got to go down the the mexican consolate to prove that i exist. me and two other elders from my district and a bunch of other elders got to take the train down to salt lake city to check in at the consulate. it was an interesting trip, didn´t talk to any nonmembers, but we talked to a few members. we went and ate at cosco while waiting for the train back and it was weird being out in public with our name tags and everything, it was kinda cool though. alright, story about wesley: so we went to the consulate and when we came out we were all standing in a group. this one elder comes up to me and says "micah?" i turn and its him... thats not the wierd part. then i realized that he wasnt wearing a name tag and remember that he was going to the mexican mtc. turns out he went to the consolate where he lived, was told to go to the one in salt lake, so the church flew him out that morning and he happened to get there on the same day at the same time that i was there, crazy! he flew back home that night, but anyways, i thought it was cool.

i am learning a lot, (both language and gospel stuff) one thing that i have learned is how to study. we have 3 to 5 hours of study time every day, but it's gotten to the point that i never feel like i have tenough time. one of the things that has really helped is that hermano H taught us how to make effective, organized study journals. if you had told me that i would be excited about a study journal 4 weeks ago i would have laughed in your face, but seriously, it is the bomb com. my spanish has been improving and i am able to communicate pretty effectively at this point.

well thats it for this week, say hi to everyone for me (shawn that means the guys at work too) love you all, good luck in your stuff.

-Elder Gándola

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