Monday, November 24, 2014

November 8, 2014


So this week was crazy, it was our last week here, so almost every day was different. We are leaving on Monday at 3:30 in the morning. Out of the 8 elders in our district, 4 of us are going to Aguascalientes, 3 are going to Mexico Vera Cruz, and 1 is going to Tucson Arizona. We only have 2 flights, first to Houston and then to Aguas, but we have a 5 hour layover in Houston from like 12 to 5, so that’s when I’ll call, I’ll try to call a bit later so the kids can all be home, but no guarantee (also i don’t know what time zone Texas is in, so you might want to figure that out)

But anyways, my week. Monday wasn’t too different, but Tuesday we had two devotionals, one in the night, and one in the morning at the Marriott Center. So two thousand missionaries walked over to byu to go to a devotional. it was pretty cool, they talked about missionary work, but it was mostly directed towards the students. I didn't see anybody I knew, but Elder M got to see his twin sister. also on Tuesday Elder W and I decided it would be fun to play lava in our room until we leave, we quit, but kept with it for a couple days... climbing around in your room in a bathrobe trying to change is rather difficult.

Wednesday our district was signed up to host new elders, but when we got to orientation, they needed 5 more elders to help direct traffic, so i spent 2 hours directing the incoming 400 cars where they were supposed to go, fun stuff. While they were coming in, we ran out of hosts for a bit, and a car pulled up that was bringing a deaf elder, I had no idea what to do so I asked them to hang tight and I went running around trying to find where to take him. I found the correct place, but his greeter wasn’t there, so I went back and helped him with his stuff and took him. She met us halfway so all was good, but still a cool experience. Then we got our first real investigator that night! She was a trc investigator hired to do it, but an appointment got cancelled and she was allowed to just wander around, so she happened to wander into our room and start talking to us. Her name is C, she is Muslim but goes to byu law school because it’s cheap.  She had lots of questions for us, she mostly just wanted to know what we believe, she didn’t believe it, but found it interesting. We worked together through the spirit and had a great discussion with her. She mentioned that her brother died when he was younger, so we jumped right onto eternal families and she even said that it felt right. She said she liked us better than the other missionaries she had talked to and came back again the next two nights when she was off the clock just to talk with us. she is super absorbent, even if she doesn’t believe it right now, over night she read past Lehi’s dream in the book of mormon and the next night she read the whole plan of salvation pamphlet in Spanish (she barely knows any Spanish.) anyways, I doubt I’ll ever see her again, but it was a really cool experience to teach her.

Thursday wasn’t too different, but we finished up a lot of things. Finished Spanish, skype trc, teaching Edgar our teachers character, service, gym. Lots of stuff.

Friday we had in field orientation all day. It was kind of an efy thing that taught us more about baptism, goals, and working with members. It was led by Brother C, who was one of the elders in the district 2.   But anyways, not going to go to in depth on in field orientation.  Then we had our last class with Hermano H and he told us all about his mission, He had an amazing mission and did amazing things through the Lord (he didn't paint it like that though, he's a pretty humble guy) it was really inspiring to hear. He was an awesome teacher, I’m definitely going to keep in contact with him while I’m out.

Today is p-day, so laundry, emailing temple and stuff. Oh yeah, one more quick story! last Saturday i was going through the temple and guess who I met? Adam and Matthew! They thought it was funny that they went through with me before Shawn.

Anyways, that’s all for this week, write me next week guys. Love you all, be good.

-Elder Gandola

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