Sunday, April 5, 2015

February 16, 2015


This week was good, we had a branch activity for valentine’s day. in all reality it was pretty low key, but we were charged with bringing a video or something. we aren’t really the experts right now on the holiday right now, but we found a mormon message called "enduring love" to share. There was no computer at the activity, so we were a bit worried until elder velazco realized the tv had a usb port. "pshh, no elder, tv´s can’t do that, but i guess we can try it if you really want... oh, whaddya know, tvs can do that" ...guess i forgot that even though we(the gandola’s) don’t advance technologically, the world does (fun fact about valentine’s day on your mission, you don’t have to be annoyed at the fact that all your friends aren’t single and you are :D)

The other irregularity was this morning, we got to go and eat pizza at a member’s panaderia. i don’t know if i have already told you guys, but panaderias are the best thing. they´re like bakeries on every corner. we got to watch them making all the bread by hand, and i decided that after my mission, I’m just gonna stay here and study pan, then i can come to the us and be the only hipster in the country with my own mexican bakery. but seriously you guys have no idea what your missing (and for like less than 10 cents at that)

this week more than any other we have dealt with lots of other firm religious people,

i have seen how other churches can be the source of great good, even preparation. as some of our current investigators are of other faiths, not for the outward showmanship, but in a very real attempt to live the gospel of christ, and though they have doubts at times, they are easily eased through confirmation of the spirit.

even others i would deem to be true christians who do not listen to our message. we had a woman decline our invitation to teach this week out of a loyalty to the faith that she currently has in the truths available to her. she very kindly explained that she found it inappropriate to profess to follow christ in her current religion, and turn and participate in other forms of worship. it was not rude, it was not intent to prove us wrong or to diminish our faith.

I’m still not even sure what the conclusion of my thoughts on the subject are. only that i have realized that like the scriptures say, if it invites us to do good and draw closer to God, it is of God. if it does the opposite then it is of the devil. and i realized the importance not only of our message but of the form of our message. while we are the ones teaching it, it should not simply be accepted from us, but should be brought to God, and answered by him. so i would like to invite you all to do just that. though many of you have already received confirmation of the truth of this message, reconfirm it and verify that the path is of God, and not of men. and just as importantly that the reason it is being followed is to serve him, and not for the outward show of it.

well, I’m not sure if anybody got anything out of that, but it’s what i have to share this week, love you guys, be good.

elder gandola

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