Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 2, 2015 I hate basketball and hospitals..

dear all people who read this,

short on time, so I’ll hit on the two most prominent features of this week.

the first of these is that fact that elder w is not having a good week.

friday he started puking, and had diarrhea (kind of like i have had since easters.) so they took him to the doctor to get it checked it out. basically they told him that he was fine and go home and rest and he would feel all warm and fuzzy inside. well he didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy inside, he felt bad inside. turns out that that bad feelings that he had was his appendix being angry. so he got it taken out. we just went and visited him and he’s not having fun, shawn and dad you guys can probably remember that. they still aren’t sure if he will be sent home or not, but we are praying for him.

other than that, we had a baptism this week. J M, who is a "friend" of a returned sister missionary here. so what did we do differently with this guy? why did he progress so fast when other people aren’t. well that’s easy, we just did nothing. no not that we didn’t care about him, we just didn’t have to do anything with him, we only had to teach him, he did all the other stuff by himself. why? well i would venture to say that it’s because he is a reference from a member. of the last 5 baptisms in this area, 4 of them have been from references, which just goes to show how important the members are in the work, you guys have way more of an influence than you would think.

after the baptism we went and played basketball outside, which i wasn’t too thrilled about. basketball does not fill me with happy feelings, it fills me with angry feelings, it reminds me of high school P.E., which is very probably my least favorite place in the face of the california. but turns out it was good that we went to play because it helped J M be more fellowship-ed. our biggest concern with him is that he would be alone, because he is super quiet. and even though i wouldn’t have taken him for one to play basketball (he’s a bigger guy) he fit right in and i think it helped him bond more with the ward.

moral of the story, go share the gospel with your friends, it’s the most effective way for the missionaries to work.

well that’s all, hope you are all well. love you guys, be good.


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