Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 30, 2015 at your service... oh, well i guess not

hey guys,

so just to start off i realized that i forgot to explain the title last time. so here it is, the law of the heavens goes something like this "there is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundation of this world, upon which all prayer assignments are predicated, and when we obtain any prayer assignment in a lesson, its cause we´re the new guy." last week was the first week of transfers, so i didn’t have to give any prayers, there you go.

me and elder c have been working together well, but we have decided this week however that elder c has a curse. ever since he got here, our work has been all thrown out of whack, and not cause we are working differently, just cause stuff is weird. we have had lots of strange contacts this week, and our lessons keep falling through, which is obnoxious because we have been doing awesome with planning and setting appointments and stuff, but more about that later. but the worst part of the curse is that people have started thinking we are  working for the bank.

this week we started receiving lots of requests for money from random investigators, less actives, random guys on the street, etc. lots of seeing people on the street "oh hermanos! how’s it going, we still good for friday right?" "yeah of course, we have an appointment right 5 minutes ago, so we have to go, but is there anything we can do for you guys?" "well... yeah, you got 10 bucks?" "insert long explanation about how we can’t and how we are broke here" "oh ok... so how about 5?" ...dang it elder castañeda.

this week the members were awesome, we had a ward council tuesday, and the branch president has really been focusing on helping with the missionary effort... so we got 11 references (that’s a lot). which is awesome, especially seeing as the last 6 baptisms in this area have been references.

other different things this week was exchanges with the new zone leader and we had a branch activity on saturday, brought a few investigators and had some good food. not gunna lie it’s a bit weird going to a ward activity and instead of having mashed potatoes and hot dog buns we have a bowl of guacamole and tortillas, not that imp complaining.

well back to the not having lessons thing, it’s interesting to see how God works, and how we tend to define success. every day we have been walking around in the 35 degree weather (that’s hot) all day with no success, but then we end up with one awesome, almost miraculously good lesson. one of the days we found A again (thanks for the prayers) and he is still reading and praying and still wants to be baptized and confirmed. the next day we found his son again, who is also super excited about the book of mormon (he wants to be a historian, so we taunted him with the awesome history of his people found within the book... it worked pretty well) but anyways it’s good to know that while we have very little control, that if we just do our part and trust in God, that everything will work out.

last of all is a new investigator for this week. J. already explained a little about how we contacted him in his cyber, and how he doesn't have support from his family but he is still progressing. Well, we can’t teach him anymore right now because the cyber cafe is his mother in laws and she won’t let us teach him there, nor in her house where he is currently living. through all of this he is still awesome and interested. right now he is looking for a new house, and if he finds one we can teach him there, so if you could pray for him in his search that would be great.

well that’s it for now.

until the pasta (hasta la pasta)

Elder Gàndola

ps, if you haven’t seen the new church video "he lives yet" go watch it, its new from the church and we have new cards for it, like with he is the gift.

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