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March 23, 2015 law of the heavens

dear everyone,

this week was very long and very tiring. turns out that i do know my area better than i did before. elder c doesn’t so i was leading all this week, so i lead wherever we walked and we didn’t really get lost, so i guess I’m good. only problem is that we spent a lot (and i mean a lot) of time walking. this week we had a problem that we have almost never had here, and that is that nobody was there, we only had like 2 or 3 lessons everyday (not for lack of trying). half of the time it wasn't bad, but the other half was pretty awful. why? oh that’s easy, because the climate here is more bi-polar than my senior year ----- teacher. it would switch from raining and freezing to scorching hot like 3 times every day, i wish i was exaggerating.

but despite the lack of lessons that we had, they were good ones. we saw a lot of miracles in the progression of the investigators. i don’t think that elder casteñeda noticed, because he still doesn’t know the people, but i have been here for 5 months, so it was great to see.

our first day we went to visit a member, but she was getting ready to go to an activity for relief society, we just talked with her daughter and she said she was going early to pick up a friend, we asked if we had taught her and her daughter said no. so we went to visit an investigator family who are great, but who are nervous about going to church. we got there but she was packing to leave, at first we were a bit disappointed, but then the member showed up, we had brought her along once before, and so by her own will had invited the investigator. high five random member.

our second day we found a new investigator, we had contacted him at his cyber a few weeks earlier, and left him to watch a few videos, didn’t think anything of it because on the same occasion i swear that while he was watching a video with his friend i heard him say "jajaja mormones." but when we passed by he was super excited to see us, and had watched a bunch of videos and was interested. so we taught him and in the middle of our lesson he asked us, "and what can i do to help you guys preach?" "....umm, well i guess we could leave you these pass along cards you can hand out." and the next time we passed by he said he was talking with his wife about us and she got upset with him for it, but he totally defended us because he feels like our church is different and its true... high five random computer guy.

this week president came down and we watched “meet the Mormons” with him, it was in spanish but i understand it all now, and we even got to watch the boxing one without some english voice over, so ha. then friday the branch got to watch it, we invited a whole bunch of people but nobody made it, so we just sat with one of the hermana’s investigators. but he liked it a lot and seems to be progressing.

we had lots of good lessons this week, but we went to church and still had nobody there. i was feeling frustrated because i have been working in this area for a long time and so i prayed that we could just have 1 investigator show up, just 1, just something to show me that it was any good to be working here at all. nobody showed. but then we walked into the first principles class and there was sitting one of our investigators. i went over and talked to him and he said that he had been in sacrament meeting, he had just sat in the back and we had missed him. it was super cool to see the lord answer my personal prayer.

other than that we have focused a lot this week on teaching the members about general conference and the importance to be prepared to receive gods message for us individually. i have been using an example from a talk we had in the mtc by the wife of elder russel m. nelson. she was engaged at that time, but wasn’t sure if it was the right decision, so she prayed about It before general conference, and was surprised to find that in the first session, every one of the speakers had spoken on marriage, and every one had said not to marry that man. then a couple years later she went back and read the session, but realized that, in reality, not one of that speakers had spoken on marriage. so my last message to share with you is that of the importance of preparation for receiving the words of the prophets, if possible with a question in specific that you can pray about in these coming weeks. i know that if you do so that you will be able to find an answer to your question meant specifically for you.

thats it for now, love you guys, be good


p.s. i was thinking about starting to tell you about an investigator every week, but for many the details are probably not things that i should share, so instead I’m going to leave you a name every week that if you feel like including in your prayers, that would be great.

this week, A, he is progressing rapidly (read to 3 nephi in just 3 weeks) but we have been unable to contact him for 2 weeks.


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