Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 16, 2015 “so we keep on waitin (waitin) for the missionaries to change”

hello everyone,

still alive, still doing well, but super short on time. so bien sincillo, we had cambios this week, well today.

got the transfers last night in a lesson with an investigator family. elder v got changed after 4 transfers in the area, which is just short of 6 months. which means i will have at least that time by the time that i leave matehuala.

so we got up at 4 in the morning so he could pack and get to the bus station in time for his transfer, then i went and just kinda waited at the house of elder w with him and elder o (our also american zone leader). i find it kind of ironic that elder w and i are the newest missionaries here (and still practically the newest in the mission) but we now have the most experience here in matehuala. (oh yeah elder w has stopped dying from appendicitis, now he is ok)

our new companions just got here, we went to pick them up, went home to drop off his stuff, and came here to write. my new comp is elder c. still don’t know him super well, and we already discovered that I’m bad at describing people, but he just got done training elder c from my district in the mtc.

funny story from today, so we were bored and hungry and elder w had still not gotten to eat pizza (which is what he wanted after being given only hospital food for a week) so we ordered a pizza from a local place. it was taking super long to get there, and we were wondering what was taking them so long, and we thought that maybe elder w had given them the wrong address, he checked and hadn’t, but i heard it as he had (given them the wrong address). So 5 minutes later they had me call to see where it was, but i thought i was calling to give them the right address, the conversation went something like this."hi, pizza classics, how may we be of service?" "hi, I’m just calling because we ordered a pizza like an hour ago, but we gave you the wrong address" ...the other elders look shocked for some reason, but I’m not sure why. i realize that what i just said sounds bad. ", like we gave you the wrong number" "...ok" " " ... the real number is (insert same number as before) ... bye" so from her point of view, "hi, we ordered a pizza with the wrong address earlier, you know just for fun, but were hungry now, could you send it to the right (same) place?" ... i might be an idiot.

that’s all, keep you updated on our progress next week.


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